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Make your contributions go further and double your impact.

Many businesses in the US have programs set up to match volunteer time or donations to eligible non-profit organizations. Obtaining a match is easy; see your options below. Our matching gift and volunteer grant information are provided by Double the Donation.

Option 1

Match a donation or volunteer time you’ve already made:

Most businesses will let you match donations or volunteer time that you logged within the past year. Each company has a different policy. Use the search function in Double the Donation to find your company’s policy and then follow the instructions to complete your match request.

Option 2

Match a donation on our secure platform:

Be sure to check the box that says “Would you like your employer to match?” Then simply follow the instructions given. If you don’t want to make a gift online, you can make your gift by mail or phone. Once you get your receipt, contact the HR department at your company.

For either of the options above, Human Resources at your company may need the EIN and Contact information for HabiJax. Please make sure you are writing “Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville” when writing our name.

Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville
2404 Hubbard St
Jacksonville, FL 32206

EIN: 59-2880071

Matching gifts are donations made by your employer to a non-profit organization to match a donation you made to that organization. Even retirees and spouses can have their gifts matched by many companies.

A corporate contributions program that donates cash grants to qualified non-profit organizations based on a level of employee involvement, usually as volunteers or board members. The effects of this program are two-fold; it allows the employee to donate his or her time to an organization that they value, while the company acknowledges its employees’ dedication by donating cash to the same cause.

An employer matching gift doesn’t ask for more money or volunteer time from you; it’s just collecting money that’s already offered by your employer. With minimal effort, you can double your impact that your contribution has for Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville. It’s easy and it costs nothing!

To obtain a matching gift or dollars for doers grant, you must notify your company that you volunteered or made a donation. This can be done when making an online donation by checking the box that asks if you want your employer to match. It can also be done for previous donations by talking to your company’s HR department.

Our address and our Employer Identification Number (EIN) are usually necessary to complete a matching gift. These can be found below. You may also need information about your donation (you should have a receipt for tax purposes) or your volunteer time.

Our Address & EIN:

Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville (HabiJax)
2404 Hubbard St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Employer Identification Number (EIN): 59-2880071

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