In the first half of 2024, HabiJax engaged in dialogue about the challenges of building quality, affordable housing in the present environment and how we can rise to meet these challenges in the next three years.

We worked together to restate our mission, our vision, and our core values and to set the priorities that will pave the way to success for the families we are blessed to serve. We invite you to join us in rising to meet these challenges.

Together we can build anything.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville puts God’s love into action by bringing people together to empower families to build better futures through homeownership.

Our Strategic Plan
Our Strategic Plan

Our Vision

A Northeast Florida region where everyone has the opportunity to own a quality, affordable home.

Our Core Values

We are a Faith-Driven organization using our Leadership capabilities, unwavering Integrity, collaborative Teamwork, and dedication to Continuous Improvement to serve families in Northeast Florida.

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The Big Three Goals

Our Strategic Plan

The three most important goals we need to achieve in the next three years:

  1. Serve 150 Families (Homes Closed)
  2. Acquire 250 Buildable Lots
  3. Fully Fund Goals and Operations

Focal Areas and Goals

Our Strategic Plan

Land Acquisition & Development

  • Meet annual land acquisition goals to support Big Three Goals
  • Meet annual land development goals to support Big Three Goals
  • Identify new sources for purchasing and acquiring affordable land
  • Improve process to evaluate and develop multi-lot parcels
  • Enhance knowledge of zoning and permitting regulations for expanded geographical service area
Our Strategic Plan

Housing Solutions & Construction

  • Meet annual home construction goals to support Big Three Goals
  • Clearly define volunteer and construction engagement strategy
  • Grow construction team capabilities and experience
  • Improve workmanship quality and develop stronger trade partnerships
  • Create and implement new home design options
  • Develop comprehensive strategy for building in expanded geographic service area
Our Strategic Plan

Family Recruitment & Services

  • Meet annual family recruiting and home closing goals to support Big Three Goals
  • Re-evaluate the homebuyer process to redefine and streamline as needed
  • Develop and implement new, innovative approaches to family recruitment
  • Develop processes to prioritize and adapt to the specific needs of our clients
  • Expand impact of the HabiJax Student Engagement Program
Our Strategic Plan

Community Engagement & Partnerships

  • Meet annual donation goals to support the Big Three Goals
  • Create new programs to engage and cultivate people all the way from
    volunteers to major philanthropists
  • Rebuild the volunteer program-from scratch-so that it provides a more fulfilling
    experience, and better meets the needs of all stakeholders
  • Grow the affinity build program
  • Engage in assertive advocacy to ensure HabiJax is recognized as a premier authority on
    affordable housing in our region
  • Increase our grassroots connectivity to the communities and people we serve
Our Strategic Plan

Team Collaboration & Development

  • Establish clear communication channels
  • Develop a culture of accountability
  • Find solutions and promote innovation through collaboration
  • Focus on goal-centered development for staff
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and engagement
Our Strategic Plan

Sustainable Organization

  • Meet annual budget goals to support Big Three Goals
  • Develop and maintain a network of at least three lending partners while continuing to
    cultivate future potential partners to replace current lenders as needed
  • Leverage ReStore profitability, partnerships, and products to their fullest benefit
    towards the HabiJax mission
  • Foster an environment of continuous improvement with an eye towards the future by
    documenting processes and evaluating for efficiency and improvement
  • Identify gaps in current staffing and plan to supplement those gaps through training and
    resources or adding new talent
  • Develop a forward-looking cash flow model based on how our business has changed so
    we can anticipate cash needs well in advance and deploy cash to earn the greatest