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Use the form below! Or call Troy Saunders at (904) 208-6641.

Property Visit

In timely fashion, we will inspect the property to develop an offer.

Close Quickly

If you accept our offer, you can close on the sale within a 30-day window.


Eliminate the hassle of selling and the expenses of paying taxes and maintenance on your vacant or improved property.

  • Lawful donations for tax-deductions can be used for homesites or sold to fund our homebuilding mission.
  • The purchase price goes directly to you – no commissions or brokers.
  • HabiJax will pay for all independent title agent services.

When thinking of donating or selling your land or lot, ensure a few basic criteria are met or can be met:

  • Ideal sites would be acreage that can support housing communities. We also purchase single lots of 30 feet x 65 feet that are high and dry with access to public streets.
  • Clear title or title with defects that can be cured prior to closing.
  • Access to public water and sewer preferred, but not necessarily required.

Please send all questions and comments to or 904-208-6641.