hate has no home here

Hate Has No Home Here

Even when we cannot find all the words to convey our hurt, we cannot remain silent.

Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville (HabiJax) grieves the terrible loss of life and targeting of Black lives here in Jacksonville. We decry the racism and violence threatening our families and friends.

HabiJax has partnered with many hundreds of families who have made a home in New Town and adjoining neighborhoods. We have witnessed many thousands of volunteers coming here from all over the First Coast, bringing love and hands-on help to build homes, community, and hope.

This is the kind of community we believe in and work towards every day. The racial hatred and targeted violence brought by one man has no place in our city or in our world.

Of course the actions of this one man are not the only threat to Black and other minority citizens. We harbor no illusions that such hatred and violence will dissipate through wishful thinking. Our prayers, our convictions, and our love for our neighbors compel us to lift our voices and to act.

We will continue bringing people together to build a better Jacksonville. We will continue standing with our families and friends in New Town and at Edward Waters University. And we will look to engage in meaningful, ongoing actions with others to repel racism and violence from our First Coast.