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Sandi Prepares to Say Farewell to HabiJax

For the past 10 years, Sandi Smith has been the go-to person at 2404 Hubbard Street. If you needed an answer, you could always ask Sandi. On July 1st, 2022, Sandi will bid a final farewell to HabiJax as she heads towards retirement.

“When I started at HabiJax 10 years ago, it was supposed to only be for one day”, says Smith who was originally hired as a temp worker. “Well, as we can see, that one day has turned into 10 years.”

HabiJax’s mission and the people who currently and formally worked here is what kept Sandi coming into work each day.

Everyone at HabiJax can attest to Sandi’s dedication, hard work, and her great sense of humor. Catherine Freeman, the Community Partnerships Specialist at HabiJax, could always count on Sandi for an answer and/or a quick afternoon snack that Sandi had stored away in her desk.

“Sandi is one of the people who has helped make HabiJax the great place that it is”, says Freeman. “She will be missed, and I wish her the best in her next adventure.”

Jennifer Radcliff, HabiJax’s Controller, often refers to Sandi as “The Person with All of the Answers”.

“What we’ll all miss the most is that Sandi has all of the answers”, explained Radcliff. “It doesn’t matter what the question is – she knows. She’s a resource for everyone.”

“In January 2018, I was blessed to not only join the HabiJax team but also begin a friendship with Sandi Smith”, said CFO Mike Kearney. “Sandi has been a bedrock of our mission and the Finance team with her tenure spanning nearly 10 years. Her knowledge and her established routines drove her high productivity and responsiveness”.

Please join us in celebrating Sandi as she ventures into the next chapter! Happy Retirement!

With Love,

–      Your HabiJax Family