volunteers at a house

Wells Fargo and HabiJax Partner to Build More Affordable Jacksonville Homes

Local Wells Fargo employees give their time and sweat to “Welcome Home” one more Jacksonville family

More than a dozen Wells Fargo employees came out on Thursday, September 21, to complete the final “punch list” items on a beautiful, brand-new home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Jacksonville. Habitat for Humanity relies on volunteer power at many stages through a home’s construction, but final punch day carries a special excitement, since the keys to the home will soon be handed to a proud owner.

HabiJax received a $30,000 grant to help build this new home with Eva, a teacher and mother of two. For Eva, owning a home means she is setting a strong example for her children and generating wealth that she can one day pass along. Though she has faced challenges, “something told me not to give up but to continue going to do better things for my kids.”

Similar efforts are underway across the country, as part of a Wells Fargo initiative called Welcome Home. In addition to human capital, Wells Fargo has committed significant philanthropic resources to develop solutions that increase the supply of homes that are affordable and support families in realizing the dream of homeownership and opportunities for building wealth.

Through the 2023 Wells Fargo Builds program, the company is providing $7.5 million in grant funding to Habitat for Humanity International to support new home construction, renovation, or repair of more than 360 projected affordable homes in more than 230 communities across the U.S.

As The Bank of Doing, Wells Fargo takes action to put people and communities first. Learn more about what we are doing at www.wellsfargo.com/impact.