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volunteers at a house

Wells Fargo and HabiJax Partner to Build More Affordable Jacksonville Homes

Local Wells Fargo employees give their time and sweat to “Welcome…
members of the habijax team gathered together

A Blessing for Our New Home Office

HabiJax staff, board members, and friends came together on Wednesday,…
habijax and northern trust logos

HabiJax Receives $2.6 Million Investment by Northern Trust

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville (HabiJax),…
hate has no home here

Hate Has No Home Here

Even when we cannot find all the words to convey our hurt, we…
building the bold city shirts

Building the Bold City Shirts Available

Show that you are on Team HabiJax in our 35th year! Having served…
team of volunteers at a habijax house

2022 Impact Report

Together, we can do anything! Despite the increasing expenses…
a family getting a home for christmas

A Home For Christmas Tale

free will photo family on beach